Oceania Deposits by Country

Bank Branch Founded Country Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Bank Of Baroda New Zealand 3 2009 New Zealand 3.70% - NZD Jun 2018
Heartland Bank 9 1875 New Zealand 3.60% - NZD Feb 2018
ASB 140 1847 New Zealand 3.50% - NZD Jul 2018
BNZ 180 1861 New Zealand 3.50% - NZD Jul 2018
ANZ New Zealand 262 1835 New Zealand 3.50% - NZD Jul 2018
Bank Of India NZ 2 2011 New Zealand 3.50% - NZD Feb 2018
Kiwibank Over 280 2002 New Zealand 3.45% - NZD Jul 2018
Westpac New Zealand 200 1861 New Zealand 3.40% - NZD Feb 2018
TSB Bank 14 1850 New Zealand 3.40% - NZD Feb 2018
Rabobank New Zealand 32 1994 New Zealand 3.20% - NZD Feb 2018

Oceania Overview

The geographic region of Oceania is the lowest populated (under 40 million in total) but home to two of the most traded currencies in the world, the Australian Dollar (AUD) and New Zealand Dollar (NZD). The major economy in the region is the country of Australia which according to the IMF in GDP PPP is the 17th largest in the world.

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